Guess Whose Slimy Paws Are All Over The Kate Middleton Topless Photos?

In a shock to no one, disgraced former Italian prime minister, media mogul and renowned international creep is behind the topless Kate Middleton photos published in the French gossip magazine Closer

Closer published Kate’s topless sunbathing pics last week, which were snapped while Prince William and Kate were on a private vacation in the South of France earlier this month. In no time the blurry images were all over the Internet and the royals filed a lawsuit against Closer on Friday.The Sun quotes William calling the breach of privacy "grotesque."

Undeterred, apparently, the Irish Daily Star also published the topless pics in its Ireland edition and the Italian magazine, Chi, which is owned by Berlusconi, plans to publish on Monday, The Hollywood Reporter reports. Chi is even rolling out a 26-page special! In a rare (repeat: RARE) moment of classiness, the Rupert Murdoch-owned Sun newspaper published an editorial on how it refuses to publish Kate’s topless pics. (Prince Harry was not so lucky in the Sun‘s hands.)

The palace has insinutated other publications — wink, wink, nudge, nudge Berlusconi — that print the topless pics will face legal action as well. Sorry, bucko, but you just lost your chance with Pippa for-ev-er.


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