‘Girls’ Gets Its Own Nail Polish Collection

If you’re scratching your head as to why HBO’s show Girls needs its own nail polish collection through Deborah Lippmann, at least now your nails can look cute doing it.

In the most recent issue of InStyle magazine, Lippmann announced a limited edition set of nail polishes "inspired" by each character on the show. You can see each color as it looks in the bottle at the link.

There’s "Hannah," a hunter green that looks "dirty" (?) and "cool," since Hannah is "independent and moody."

"Shoshanna" is a light violet, which is "eager," "sweet" and "playful."

"Marnie" is a "prim and proper pink."

And "Jessa" is a "bohemian burgandy" because her character is "hippy-dippy and sexual."

And there you have it: a weird little look into how makeup companies imbue so much meaning behind something as stupid as a color

This isn’t Deborah Lippman’s first foray into co-branding her (expensive — $16!) nail polishes with TV shows: in August she debuted a whole makup collection, including polishes, in conjunction with True Blood. As silly as I think all this co-branding stuff is getting, though, I’m not going to pretend I won’t be buying a bottle of "Shoshanna."

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