Ed Westwick Gets Belligerent In Da Club

Ed Westwick allegedly threw a punch at a patron at a night club patron who he thought was taking his picture. Not only was the poor guy just snapping pics of his own girlfriend, but Westwick missed his mark. Awkward!

According to the New York Post, the British Gossip Girl hottie and friends had a table at the night club SL. At a table nearby, a guy started taking pics of his own girlfriend, but Westwick apparently thought the pics were of him. No paps, please!

So the actor allegedly confronted the dude and threw a punch, and, according to the Post’s anonymous source, "completely missed." So, like a little Chuck Bass-hole that he is, Westwick asked a bouncer to kick the guy out.

Westwick’s rep denied the story to the Post, of course, but the paper recalled other tales of Westwick’s nightclub belligerence, like a "shoving match" at Westside Tavern. Calm down, Ed! Having the sexiest accent in all of New York City can’t be that stressful.

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