Consider The Book Trailer (For The David Foster Wallace Biography)

"Book trailers" are a thing that publishers make you do now and the new biography of David Foster Wallace is no exception.

DFW, for the uncultured swine, is the author of Infinite Jest, The Pale King, and various other books enjoyed by the most irritating students in MFA programs. This Penguin trailer for Every Love Story Is A Ghost Story introduces us to D.T. Max, a New Yorker writer who was asked by editor-in-chief David Remnick to write a piece after Wallace’s 2008 suicide. After 10,000 words, Max still had more to say about the quixotic novelist/essayist’s life and work.

The trailer is heavy on "white dudes with glasses who read intellectual novels" types, but this is DFW we’re talking about. Admittedly, Every Love Story Is A Ghost Story seems like it will be an inspiring look at his mark in literature, rather than a darker one. Given the depression and insecurity Wallaces suffered in his living years, it’s comforting that his legacy is to have enraptured everyone he knew with his humanity and talent:


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