Christina Hendricks’ Advice On How To Do A Joan Holloway Costume

A disappointing Joan Holloway Halloween costume is a serious offense.

Christina Hendricks told NYmag’s Vulture on how every Halloween people send her photos of Joan Holloway costumes, but the only Joan she has actually seen in person was a Mad Men co-star.

The funny thing is people will send me pictures of Joan Holloways at parties they’re at, but the only one I’ve seen in person is Rich Sommer, who actually plays Harry Crane on ‘Mad Men’! He dressed as Joan one year, but he actually looked a little more like Wilma Flintstone. He had pearls and a red wig. [Vulture: What, no pendant necklace?] That’s what I told him! I said, ‘You never see Joan wearing pearls.’ But I was flattered.

No pendant necklace? I expected better from you, Rich Sommer.

Let this be a less to you this Halloween, kiddies: unless you want to make Christina Hendricks cry — you don’t want to make Christina Hendricks cry, don’t you? — remember: NO PEARLS.

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