Christina Aguilera Reflects On Early Career: “Bull-dozed” By “Disgusting” Record Label Reps

These days Christina Aguilera is all over TV as a judge on The Voice, so its easy to forget her pop star roots. Remember Genie In A Bottle? And Dirrty? (That’s two "r’s", spellcheck.) In an interview with the September issue of Lucky magazine, the singer implies she would be all to happy to forget it, too.

After politely telling her interviewer "That’s cute" when the Lucky reporter informs her that she and a bunch of friends dressed up like Aguilera and Cher to go see Burlesque at a rural Pennsylvania mall, the singer settled into a conversations with the shopping mag about her personal style. With songs like Beautiful and Fighter, it has been no secret that Aguilera’s early life was a difficult one: her father was physically abusive to Christina and her mother, causing them to flee, and they’ve been estranged in her adult life. But the singer also reveals that controlling behavior from her record label made life difficult:

When you’re young, it’s so easy to get bulldozed. … There were these two ladies who always wanted to come to fittings and dress me up like a Barbie doll. It was disgusting.

It wasn’t until her second album, Stripped, with her girl power anthems like Can’t Hold Us Down and Fighter, that Aguilera came into her own voice musically and felt more empowered in her professional life. (Rihanna has voiced similar complaints about her early career, too. For the life of me I cannot find it online, but I remember Rihanna talking in an interview once about how she was only allowed to wear certain colors of lipstick approved by her handlers. And people wonder why female pop stars have a high rate of losing it.)

Good for Christina for speaking out like this. I hope the label doesn’t freak out and make her issue a statement saying she was "misquoted."

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