Cee Lo Releasing Ridiculous-Looking Christmas Album

IT IS NOT EVEN HALLOWEEN YET, YOU ASSHOLES. Sorry, I needed to get that out. So. Yes. Cee Lo Green is releasing a Christmas album called Magic Moment, which will be soulful takes on holiday classics. And because this is Cee Lo, the album cover looks redonk.

The actually songs will probably be fine: Christina Aguilera will duet on the date rape-y Baby, It’s Cold Outside and Rod Stewart will duet on Merry Christmas, Baby. Even the Muppets appear on one song.

I just can’t get over the cover, via Releaselog: Cee Lo in a fur coat and a reindeer driving a classic car, which is being pulled by white stallions wearing neck-braces featuring jazzy guitar-shaped flair. 

I would expect nothing less from you, Cee Lo.

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