Cartoonist Matt Bors On His Facebook Friendship With Ryan Lanza, Who Isn’t The Newtown Murderer

On Friday afternoon, the name "Ryan Lanza" is the name that began whipping around the Internet as a possible identity of the shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary, in Newtown, Connecticut. In time the mainstream media would learn and report that Adam Lanza, Ryan’s younger brother, was the shooter and had been carrying his big brother’s ID. But one of the first people to realize and report the mistaken identity was cartoonist Matt Bors, who is Facebook friends with the elder Lanza.

In a piece published this weekend on his web site, Bors explains that he is Facebook friends with someone named Ryan Lanza, who he does not know, just like he is friends with many fans of his work through his page. 

As the MSM and social media began reporting "Ryan Lanza" as the name of the alleged killer — who was dead inside the school building — Bors noticed his friend Lanza was updating Facebook simultaneoulsy with comments like "Fuck you CNN it wasn’t me."

Bors’ piece is worth an entire read. He touches upon the influence of social media on journalism and how the race to be "first" has trumped the race to be "right." Some food for thought.

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