Broadway Wouldn’t Dream Of Making ‘Matilda’ Audience Try To Understand Brit-Speak

Matilda The Musical, based on the novel by British author/childhood demigod Roald Dahl, opened last week in New York City after originating on London’s West End. But would Broadway dare ask us boorish Americans to understand a British accent or turn of phrase? Pish tosh! (That’s British-speak for "Hell naw.")

The Telegraph UK reports that lyrics in Matilda The Musical will be Americanized, although the British accents affected by the American cast are staying.  "There are a few lyrics that they’re just not hearing because they’re so dense and require thinning out," explained Tim Minchin, who wrote the score. It’s not clear which lyrics were rewritten exactly. 

But, you know, stupid Americans. Elsewhere in the Telegraph piece, the journalist notes "British voices have proved notoriously problematic for American audiences in the past, with some films given subtitles." I beg your pardon, sir. We need subtitles to understand Mama June on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, too. 

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