Blue Ivy Poops Her Diaper In $1 Million Nursery

Middle-class Americans struggle for affordable childcare.  Blue Ivy Carter, magical fairy child of Jay-Z and Beyoncé, has her very own $1 million nursey suite in the basement of the Barclays Center.

Jay-Z has rented a suite filled with toys in the basement of Barclays so that the year-old Blue Ivy can be near her dad (and, I guess, mom) when they work and perform, US Weekly reports.  

Their source was unclear about this next part but said the space Jay-Z rented includes a "VIP" area with a champagne bar and TV screen.  I assume this is a special area for grownups and not where Blue Ivy takes meetings with Apple and Moses. 

It would be rad of Blue’s million-dollar pad is also shared as a playspace for kids whose parents work at the Barclays Center but are less financially fortunate. I can dream, can’t I?

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