Bigots Make Anti-Gay ‘Harlem Shake’ Video To Fight ‘Buggery’

First of all, no one says "buggery" anymore, Jamaica. And second of all, way to ruin Harlem Shake videos, bigots.

Huffington Post Gay Voices reports that a Christian anti-gay group called the Love March Movement is behind this somewhat sinister Harlem Shake video in which dancers hold signs warning that getting rid of Jamaica’s anti-buggery law will lead to pedophila and zoophila (that would be sex with animals). As per their Facebook page, "We are dedicated to representing Christ’s view on sexual sin, including homosexuality, and standing in love and prayer for our country."

Jamaica maintains its Offences Against Persons Act, dating back to 1864, which criminalizes sodomy (and conflates it with having sex with animals while doing so). Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller vowed during the last election to improve LGBTQ rights within the country, specifically by saying she would be fine appointing gay folks to her Cabinet.  Last October, two gay Jamaican men challenged the country’s anti-gay law on the grounds it is unconstitutional.

This hateful Harlem Shake video is a response to concerns that Jamaica is about to become one big tropical gay hell. Ugh. This is why we can’t have nice things. Not that Harlem Shake videos were a nice thing, but still. 

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