Beyoncé’s HBO Documentary Releases Another Trailer

Here is your daily scheduled reminder that Beyoncé’s life is more fabulous than yours. 

After releasing a mini-trailer last month, Bey’s teasing her February 16 HBO documentary, called Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream, with a longer trailer peeking at the woman behind the scenes.

We see her ultrasound of Blue Ivy and her very real, totally-not-made-up pregnancy belly (which may or may not be real) and lots of staring into the camera like a 19-year-old girl taking selfies. "I’m a human being. I cry, I get scared, I get nervous, just like everyone else," she confesses.

I’m going to stop you right there, Beyoncé. That’s not what people want to hear in between clips of "Beyoncé on a yacht" and "Beyoncé in a fancy bathroom." (Please spare us "Beyoncé hanging out with BFF Gwyneth Paltrow," though.)

Watch the trailer below:

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