Apocalypse Watch: Interdimensional Wormhole Spotted In U.K.

According to The Argus, a resident of Brighton, England, has discovered “a vortex to another dimension, complete with a giant snake.” This could be something to worry about.

The strange anomaly was reported using a website called Fix My Street, “which is more typically used to report potholes” and the like. This time, however, a far more serious hole had appeared, just above Montreal Road: a wormhole. The citizen expressed concerns about such a vortex and questioned whether it was part of the Brighton Festival, an annual art event. The next day, they noted the wormhole had gotten worse, “emitting an unsettling yellow light” as a large snake from some other universe poked its head through into ours.

Oh sure, this probably sounds like a big practical joke to you, but this is the kind of warning we ignore at our peril. And the city council has said they will not be following up the claim! This is how horror movies start – with skepticism. Even more pressing is the question of who found the vortex, because Brighton is full of celebrities and it’s definitely one of them, right? Could be the work of Sir Paul McCartney or Steve Coogan. But this type of quiet heroism is a little bit more Cate Blanchett’s style. 

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