America’s #Normcore President Eats Lunch at Chipotle

Photo via Chipotle ad and Obama sticker

Stars, they’re just like us.

President Obama went to lunch at Chipotle today. The press covering the event have left so many questions unanswered. Here, press, here are some things your readers are wondering.

I wonder if he got a burrito.
I wonder if he got a burrito bowl.
I wonder if he added guacamole.
I wonder if they asked him if he knew it was a dollar extra.
I wonder if he got mild, medium, or spicy salsa.
I wonder if he likes sour cream.
I wonder if he got a diet coke, or he got a “cup for water” and then filled it up with diet coke as his secret service men blocked the cashier’s line of vision.
I wonder if he went to the little area on the side and got a piece of lemon using the tongs.
I wonder if he used his fingers instead.
I wonder if his stomach hurt afterwards.
I wonder if he was thinking about his digestion when he was at a forum on working families right after lunch.
I wonder what’s going on in Iraq.
I wonder if he got black or pinto beans.

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