America Apparently Surprised That 18-Year-Old Millionaire Might Use Drugs

Someone lined their pockets earlier this week selling photographs of Justin Beiber smoking something that looks like marijuana. TMZ’s pics allegedly show the Biebs inside a Newport Beach hotel room three days ago with friends, holding some kind of cigarette or blunt in his hand. He cryptically took to Twitter with the usual Miley Cyrus-esque allegations of learning and growing.

The chatty sources told TMZ that Bieber’s security was present at the party, but no one seems to mind that his "BFF" Lil Twist was rolling joints and randoms were photographing Justin holding — nay, smoking! — them. This has me wondering if rumors that Justin Beiber is a jerkface are true and that his security team doesn’t give a shit about babysitting him, i.e. he just got Bush-twinned.

Justin Bieber’s tweets addressing the scandal are typically pop star-ish in that they admit nothing but generally apologize for letting down the fans. 

Oh my God. It is just pot. Shut up. Who cares?

Frankly I just feel sorry for anyone so detached from reality that they think an 18-year-old millionaire isn’t doing drugs. If marijuana is the only thing he’s smoking, Scooter Braun should thank his lucky stars.

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