Afternoon Links: Rihanna’s New One, The Science Of Craigslist Missed Connections

● Kelly Rowland has generously gifted Jay and Bey’s unborn little girl with a $5,200 Swarovski-crystal studded Baby Diamond Bathtub. [ABC News]

● In honor of 11/11/11, or so we like to pretend, Rihanna dropped the second single off her forthcoming Talk That Talk, "You Da One." [Stereogum]

● Miley’s boyfriend Liam Hemsworth insists that Miley looks her best when she’s got a mouthfull of steak sandwhich and "there is some steak sauce dripping down her chin, there is nothing sexier than that," he says. [Huff Post]

● No one, not even Yelp, will let Rick Perry’s "oops" moment go. [TPM]

● That guy in his late 20s/early 30s (most active posters) on the L-train (the cruiseiest train) to Union Square (the loneliest place in New York) thinks you’re cute (most common superlative) is is probably going to write a Missed Connection about you, or so Craigslist Missed Connections expert Ingrid Burrington’s studies say. [Village Voice]

● Drake kicked off his "Club Paradise" tour last night at the embattled Penn State in style, wearing a pair of leopard print jeans and a hoodie with the sleeves cut off. [Rap-Up]

● Universal Music Group has purchased EMI music for $1.9 billion, a move that UMG says is, "an important step in preserving the legacy of EMI Music." [THR]

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