’50 Shades Of Grey’ Authoress Is Stinkin’ Rich And That’s 50 Shades Of Fucked Up

50 Shades Of Grey, the BDSM erotica that even your grandmother’s book club is reading, has been sitting on my iPad for two months now. I can’t read more than a few pages without recoiling in disgust: This writing is hooooooorible. And you know who doesn’t care? Newfound millionaire author E.L. James.

Gawker crunched the numbers and figured out precisely how much Scrooge McDuck money we’re talking about. First of all, Uniersal/Focus purchased the movie rights for $5 million. Second of all, E.L. James earns a seven percent royalty off each $14 paperback and a 25 percent royalty off of each e-book. Given how last month 50 Shades Of Grey sold four million paperbacks and one million e-books, James has been earning $1.34 million a week — or $191,000 — off the trilogy. And all for poorly written kink that started out online as Twilight fan-fic. 

Now that’s 50 shades of fucked up.

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