4 Out of 5: Japanster on Greenpoint

Japanster is a New York-based DJ living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. He has been a regular fixture at Madame Wongs, Bowery Hotel, Beatrice Inn, Standard Hotel, Avenue, Tribeca Grand Hotel, and Mr. Black, just to name a few. This is his take on four places he likes, and one place he doesn’t.


Raised by Wolves – "This is one of my favorite clothing stores on Franklin Street. You can find really good brands with a very coherent sense of style. As a Parisian, I would say it is like ‘APC meets Agnes B’ feeling in there, but it’s pretty affordable and there are always new items, so I check it out on a regular basis. Oh and their Tumblr is pretty cool too."

Le Gamin – "If you want good healthy food and French ‘normal’ portion, you definitely have to check out this place. Unlike lots of wannabe French places in New York where the only French touch is the décor, this one is owned by French people, so they really give you the feeling that you’re not in Greenpoint anymore even though you’re facing the lovely Franklin Street. Tres bonnes crepes inside!"

Champion Coffee – "My all-time favorite coffee shop in Greenpoint. It’s a little far away but it’s worth it — first of all because the walk on Manhattan Avenue is quite fun (you really feel like you’re stuck in the 80s), and the coffee and food are really good and have this great homemade feel that everyone is looking for. And of course if you go there when it’s warm outside, the backyard is the place to be!"

The Thing – "Okay, so this store is crazy. You can find the most random weird things there, which is great to start with — and what’s even cooler is the look you get when you’re asking how much you owe; they really make you feel like it depends on your face. But you’ll most likely get the usual: ‘Hmmm okay, just give me 2 dollars.’ Oh, and that’s not it, guess what? They have more records there than in any place in New York City in their basement. Two bucks each, I’m serious."


Garden Spot Cafe – "A new restaurant in the old Greenpoint Coffee House space. I wouldn’t mind it if they kept the lovely and beautiful interior, décor, bar, and comfy booths of the original place. But they didn’t. Now it looks like a highway fast food inside … what a shame."

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