4 Out of 5: Elliot Aronow on New York

Elliot Aronow is co-founder and creative director of RCRD LBL as well as the host and producer of chat/variety program OUR SHOW with Elliot Aronow with guests like James Murphy, Vampire Weekend, Das Racist, and Adam Green. This is his take on four places he likes, and one place he doesn’t.


Grahame Fowler – "If my TV project OUR SHOW had a shop where you could smoke out in the back, play rocksteady, and talk about clothes all day, it would probably look a lot like this mod-inspired West Village spot. The owner is an old skinhead and Northern Soul fan and stocks incredible British brands, many of which are exclusive to the store. This is the big boy step up from Fred Perry swag, Oi!"

Brooklyn Tailors – "Beautiful, functional, and flavorful bespoke suiting and shirting from my main man Danny Lewis.  From your first medium grey ‘it’s my best friend’s wedding’ jump off to your ‘live a little’ blue sharkskin Saturday night martini special, they’ve got you covered. And don’t even get me started on the spread collar shirts, the button down oxfords, the just-right ties, and the cotton trousers. Go! Tell them Elliot sent you."

Book Thug Nation – "One of the best used bookstores in Brooklyn, that most book-loving of boroughs. My punk bros told me a dude from Cometbus is the owner, so that’s even more reason to support. Excellent for vintage-ish editions of classics, philosophy reads, and of course zines! Plus they have a rad cloth print of African rulers hanging up near the register. Dope all around."

Half Gallery – "Cool little spot that features a lot of big time cats like Ed Templeton, Taylor Meade, and this dude Terry Richardson showing their works. The crowd is always sweet, which is a big plus since the place is very, very small. Good date spot too, young bucks."


Pulino’s – "As a punk rocker I have a strong and historically grounded hate for anything new within a three block radius of the former CBGBs, especially the restaurants (shout to the shrimp and grits at Peels tho). Consider Pulino’s, the culinary equivalent of the dormitory-style condos that surround it, to be the white man’s curse on the neighborhood. To be fair the breakfast pizza is kinna good, but I just don’t support this spot on general principle. Not punk, not tasty. Go to Lil Frankie’s instead."

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