Wet Blankets: Three Facial Masks to Stay Hydrated in the Heat

Last week, as I had my pores closely inspected by a professional, I was informed that despite my deluge-like intake of water and diligent shirking of the sun, my skin is still somehow dehydrated. Adding to my lose-lose situation, my dermatologist pointed out that beyond the heat, New York City office building air conditioners are incredibly harsh on skin. Since it’s midway through summer, and although our SPFs claim to sufficiently moisturize, I’m thinking it might be time to call on extra moisture in the form of a good, replenishing mask. Here are the three masks I chose to keep hydrated.

Amala is a German line that seeks high-potency organic plants and custom distills them. This hydrating yogurt mask is aimed at uncomfortable, taut skin. The key ingredients are jasmine to nourish and provide antioxidant protection, macadamia nut oil for strengthening skin’s natural moisture barrier, and wild rose to help promote cellular renewal. It’s also formulated with organic milk emulsifier. The jasmine is not only dreamy to smell but is cultivated and custom distilled by fair trade farms in Egypt.

Dr Hauschka Skin Care Rejuvenating Mask is infused with quince seed for dry, sensitive, acne-prone skin. It’s light, absorbs easily, and can be used as a night moisturizer as well — all aimed at helping to reduce large pores and redness. And because it’s not a slurry of green mud, it’s perfect for flights where the air is ultra depleting. Like all Dr Hauschka products, the scent is earthy and natural – free of any synthetic fillers.

SK II Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask is a cloth facial mask for dry skin that will instantly moisturize, soothe, and brighten. This line has won acclaim for its sake derived ingredient, pitera. The scent is refreshing and light (aloe and green tea) and the cold cloth, which has been designed to closely fit the face, encourages laying down, to give you an at-home spa vibe.

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