The Eyeliner Adam Lambert Should Wear

I freak out when I’m walking down the street and a piece of dust floats in my eye: Maybe it’s an asbestos-ridden particle! I’m going to wake up blind! The ironic thing about this irrational fear is that I am pretty fearless when it comes to putting known immune toxicants, like Coumarin, directly on my eyes, and letting it sit there all day. If you wear eyeliner then you’re probably taking the same brazen risks. The FDA cannot require companies to test the safety of their cosmetic products, and this billion-dollar industry is largely comprised of companies marketing products with ingredients that are known to pose health risks, some of which can be fatal. Might as well play it safe and go with natural, organic eyeliners. I’ve recently fallen in lust with Vapour Organic Beauty’s Mesmerize Eyeliner.

Vapour Mesmerize Eyeliner with Smoky Eye Tool ($18) is made with 70% Certified Organic ingredients. It’s made with none of the adhesives in traditional eyeliners, using beeswax and sunflower oil to achieve the same gliding effect, without the chemicals. The formula allows for a defined line, as well as a smudgy, smokey look (thanks to the smudging tool). “A pencil that goes on smoothly, and blends easily is a must-have beauty essential for defined eyes,” says Eric Sakas, Vapour’s co-founder. “The fact that we’ve done it in a formula that is 70% organic is extraordinary.” Send a note to Adam Lambert, Glambs. Because you care.

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