Sebastian Celebrates 25 Years of Good Hair

I’m sitting in an incredibly slick room at the SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills, anticipating a very busy day of lunches, salon tours, and later, a massive party celebrating 25 years of Sebastian Professional. The location for the anniversary shin-dig is the Paramount Studios Backlot, which leads me to believe that this party, with live music from the Sounds, DJ Z-Trip, and our gracious host, Brooklyn-based jewelry designer Pamela Love (pictured), who designed the Re-Shaper hairspray limited edition bottle, will be like no other I’ve attended.

I can remember my first Sebastian purchase when I was in elementary school (I promise it was far less than 25 years ago, but still awhile back). Courtney Cox, during peak Friends years, said in Seventeen magazine that she used Sebastian Laminates to get her hair glassy and smooth. I searched my local town for these ‘Laminates’ until I finally found them in a salon outside the town limits several months later. It’s safe to say I started off as a product junkie at an early age. Sebastian’s products raised the bar, introducing a new generation to a world where hair existed outside of the economy-sized aisles of your local Wal-Mart. Which is why it’s cool to see a brand, who is constantly Madonna-ing itself to stay on the cutting edge, celebrate 25 years with a repackaging initiative, and a blowout (with lots of blow outs) anniversary party tonight.

But first, it’s lunch with Love—Pamela Love—at Gordon Ramsay at the London West Hollywood to chat with the jewelry designer and Sebastian Muse about her involvement with the brand and the special-edition bottle she designed for the 25th anniversary, available in August.


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