Night Muse: Looks from Music’s Hottest Front Women

These girl-fronted bands have made a splash this year due to sheer talent, but these female leads have their own iconic looks that inspire more than MP3 downloads.

Band: Chew Lips Muse: Tigs Sounds: Retro Synth-Pop: jazzy vocals mixed with dance-club beats. Signature Look: Gamine Chameleon. The thing about living in this day in age, is that we get to dabble in all the eras that have come before. While Chew Lips is quite electro, Tigs’s look is a lovely mix of grunge with 60’s swing. Her pixie-ish hair gives off a retro, Audrey Hepburn air, but has enough edge to muss up, and show off a post-punk, Flock of Seagulls twist, whenever she feels like it.


Band: C.C. Sheffeild, formerly of Le Rev Muse: C.C. Sheffeild Sounds Like: Hipster-Dance Pop Signature Look: Jane Birkin meets LA’s hipster scene. C.C. was once part of the sceney band, Le Rev. She’s mused around LA, dating celebs and indie rockstars, and paid her dues with Cory Kennedy on the Cobra Snake paparazzi site. She’s got the earthy, aloof brunette thing down, and she adds Hollywood histrionics—thick fringe, red lips, and vintage LA— to her look image

Band: My Gold Mask Muse: Gretta Rochelle Sounds Like: The Southern Classic Rock Remix Signature Look: Primal Wild Child Gretta Rochelle’s fleshy voice ranges from milky to primal screams. Her look, much like her sound, is one part electro, one part witch-doctor, one part Indiana Jones adventuress, with face paint and wild eye makeup. image

Chew Lips Photo by Tommy Jackson – ©

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