New York in LA: Sebastian’s 25th Anniversary Blow Out Celebration

It seems like just yesterday I was trying my best to blend in with the Angelenos in LA; poolside laptop browsing, egg white omelets, driving. Alas, I’m back in New York, wondering how it’s possible to so easily trade in rooftop workdays for subway transit, and remembering how nice it was to have my nightlife plans involve only one bar or club per night. LA people don’t exactly bar hop; all of their energy is poured into having a great time at the one venue they’ve chosen for the evening, which essentially means they create the atmosphere themselves. I had a little anxiety about having only one item on my nightlife agenda per evening. In my NY mind, it’s risky to go all in on just one hand, but with Sebastian’s 25th Anniversary Party on Tuesday night, where designer Pamela Love unveiled the Re-Shaper bottle she re-designed, and live hair and fashion shows were held alongside sets from the Sounds and Prince Poppycock, I didn’t have to worry. In fact, as I entered the Paramount Backlot for the major event, I found myself back in New York.

At least, a New York where you could sit on curbs without worrying about dog poo and walk in teetering heels without watching for uneven pavement. The Backlot was transformed to look like a very clean version Gotham, with empty apartment buildings and neighborhoods called Vibrant, Texture, and Volume (the three Sebastian hair initiatives that were highlighted in the live hair show), which looked like the West Village, the East Village and the Lower East Side, respectively, if those nabes were filled with LA people and looked a little like Michael Jackson’s Thriller video.

image A model during the live styling.

image Showing off a massive mop.

Sebastian stylists—including Shear Genius runner up Janine Jarman—took to the stage, transforming into salon rockstars to the booming music of DJ Z-Trip and styling their models to match one of the hair initiatives (Vibrant showcased amazing and impossible hair shapes). It was truly performance art as the cast and crew utilized the fake city sets to create a sort of neo-West Side Story atmosphere in one act. The highlight of the hair show came when Volume models took over the audience, dolling out hundreds of balloons to guests who released them at the end of the whimsical set. The bubbly host of the evening, Pamela Love, came out to show off her own mane of gorgeous texture and volume, and later mingled with guests to show off the Re-Shaper bottles she designed for the August launch.

image Pamela Love

image LA gals in a New York nabe.

After the first hair show I ever actually enjoyed, the Sounds took to the stage and performed songs from their albums Dying to Say This to You, Living in America, and their latest, Crossing the Rubicon. Lead singer Maja has fantastic hair and even better stage presence, and is definitely rocking that no-pants look, which seems to be very hot in LA right now.

image The Sounds

image The crowd rocking to the Sounds.

Other things that seem to be hot in LA? Distressed, lacey, spidery tights (as seen on Jarman and Bam Margera’s lady friend), huge hair, old model cars (they filled the Paramount Backlot and spewed eery plumes of smoke), Sebastian Re-Shaper (which was sprayed with abandon at pivotal points during the show) and, judging from the venue where we scampered around, eating and drinking and even making eye contact with people as we passed them on the fake streets, New York City.

image Maja of The Sounds, Jarman, Guest and Bam

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