MySpa2Go: Home Pampering for the Terminally Distracted

Remember when hotels were the go-to choice for room service, day spas, and dirty pay-per-view? Thanks to Lori Traub’s MySpa2Go, that nostalgia will quickly fade (except for the dirty movie thing — but as far as the front desk knows, that was a total fluke with the remote while you were trying to order Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs). MySpa2Go offers full spa services from mani-pedi’s to waxing and everything in between. Post-natal massage, anyone? It’s tours for $130 in the comfort of your own home. Traub, a newbie to home delivery and a former fancy fashion exec, created the company last spring because, like so many New York career gals, she was overworked and underpolished. After desperately Googling at-home beauticians, she found them all to be crazy expensive, crazy far away, or just plain crazy.

Thus began the city’s her home spa service offering reasonable prices ($35 bikini waxes and $25 manicures), a team of license-toting cosmetologists, and a strictly A-list collection of Bidwell Botanicals oils and lotions. If you listen closely, somewhere you can hear Canyon Ranch crying. After an understandably quiet first month in recessionista-happy spring ’09, Traub and team caught a major break when the ever-powerful Daily Candy gave them some love. By 9am that day, Traub had 90 emails seeking reservations, and ever since it’s been sailing as smooth as a quick-dry top-coat.

We took it upon ourselves to sample the services recently, and while spa nuances like flickering lavender-scented candlelight and Japanese rock garden accent pieces were lost in favor of the hum of the dishwasher, all in all MySpa2Go is an accessible, useful find for New Yorkers too busy — or plain ole’ lazy — to book it to Bliss. Up next: Hamptons service through the season, including an InStyle booth at swanky Super Saturday, and plans to expand to new cities and new services. Now if they could only leave a mint on my pillow on the way out, Balazs would really be in trouble.

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