Morning After Beauty: Cool vs. Cruel

Last night the Bowery Hotel was hopping with humane fashion folks like Nigel Barker, Victoria Bartlett, Charlotte Ronson for the Cool vs. Cruel Fashion Competition — an annual event that gives fashion students the task of reinterpreting high-end luxury designs using cruelty-free fabrics. Ingrid Bergstrom-Kendrick was the big winner for her take on a cruelty-free Michael Kors 2009 look. Meanwhile, I tried to hide my leather Frye boots from the Humane Society hosts and ended up feeling pretty guilty, though it was refreshing to feel more aware of what I had on my body. I ended up downing one too many cocktails to drown my guilt, but resolved to try to maintain that sense of eco-awareness. Come morning, bourbon-induced eye puffs made me reach for my usual eye fixers, but I opted to try Dr. Alkaitis’ Organic Eye Cream, a certified organic, biodynamic and ethically wild-crafted eye cream that made me feel a bit better about the leather boots.

Background: Luxuriously textured and gentle, Organic Eye Cream rejuvenates and refreshes tired eyes while reducing puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. Gisele named it as her favorite eye cream, and we know how eco-friendly she is. Dr. Alkaitis believes “if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.” He also maintains that skincare “is not merely a quest towards superficial beauty, but an integral investment towards preventive health self-care.” The good doctor kind of makes me feel better about the $49.00 price tag.

Texture: I only had a tiny tester amount to work with, and I worried that the cream would run out before I could achieve the full benefits of the de-puffing. As I smoothed it over my Bowery battle wounds, I found the texture to be incredibly light, and it absorbed quickly and evenly with just a few dabs. The organic aloe vera gel base was an instant relief and a pick-me-up.

Results: My eyes looked a bit brighter, and I felt a bit better about having them open as I struggled to make a pot of coffee. I felt like the delicate skin stayed hydrated even under an assault of concealer and powder. I also didn’t have to shellac more on to even out the texture. Even though I’m on the early side of my 20s, I can see this being a powerful product for my nighttime escapades, as well as a daily eye cream.

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