Midsummer Meltdown: Makeup Tips for Beating the Heat

Ah, the pleasures of melting makeup. What’s summer without constantly battling to keep your mascara from running, your foundation from shining, and your lipstick from forming sticky little clumps on you some-how-still-dry lips? I’ve found that the only way to a avoid a Raiders of the Lost Ark-style facial meltdown is to completely change your makeup in the summer, just as you swap wool sweaters for cotton dresses. Here are a few tips for looking fresh till Memorial Day rolls around.

You don’t have to switch over to gloss for fear of a goopy lipstick. Cover Girl’s Outlast collection offers waterproof, long-lasting lip stains and colors that stand up to the heat and humidity.


This mascara delivers with “air volume powder.” Whatever that means, I just know that when I’m wearing this Shiseido favorite, I’m not worried about black streaks under my eyes. It’s oil and sweat proof, which means it’ll be in my purse this summer.


Switching over to a tinted moisturizer will provide a two-in-one solution. It won’t cake, while giving you a more natural and light feel. Laura Mercier does it best. Her products can be used for sheer coverage or be layered up to cover dark under-eye spots or blemishes. It has an SPF 20 and comes in an oil free formula.


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