Maria Bonita Salon: Some Brazilians Do Care About Being On Time

I have enough Brazilian girlfriends to know that moving in a timely manner is not their priority. Arriving to dinner dates on time is an uncommon miracle, and getting ready with them to go out at night is just as lax. It’s all part of their charm, their devil-may-care attitude about time, which I love, until I’m the devil caring. Which is why it’s more than noteworthy that my favorite Brazilian salon happens to be a stickler about time-saving techniques. The Maria Bonita Salon, located at 12 Prince Street, has just created a time saving “Good to Go” package that has everything you need to get ready for a night out in 45 minutes flat.

Created by the vivacious Fernanda Lacerda, Maria Bonita mixes services and innovative spa treatments that rival those of the best spas in Brazil. And for those of us obsessed with Brazilian treatments, it’s the only full-service Brazilian salon to offer hair, nail, and waxing services, as well as facials and massages under one roof. They are also the first salon to carry the entire Bio Supplements hair care line from Brazil. One of my favorite things about the space is that tons of regulars come here to collectively get ready for a nights out—which completely transforms the atmosphere of the salon.

Here’s what Lacerda had to say about her new package:

We are worried about your time so we decided to launch a package that will get you ready for a night out in only 45 minutes. The package consists of a Hair Treatment, Brazilian Mani and a hair styled to perfection, and is only $70.00. We’re open on Thursdays and Fridays until 9PM for you’re night-needs.

Good to Go Package $70 Includes hair treatment, Brazilian mani, and hairstyling. 2 Prince St. NY, NY 10012 212-431-1520

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