Just Get Pretty, Then Get Pretty Drunk on FNO

Invariably, the hip thing for jaded anti-Wintour types to do on Fashion’s Night Out will be to do nothing, or rather, to do some kind of debaucherous anti-Fashion’s Night Out carousing while still sort of participating in the event by virtue of spending dollars in New York City tonight. Whatever your plans, you will be getting drunk on Fashion’s Night Out because it’s Friday, and you may as well look perfect and pretty while doing it. Which brings me to my point: Go to Maria Bonita Salon & Spa on 12 Prince Street (between Bowery and Elizabeth), where you will be papered and prettified for your FNO or NO-FNO evening. For free. Spend the whole evening there, in fact, prepping to go straight to their afterparty at Goldbar. Complimentary salon treats you can receive just by promising to attend an afterparty after the jump.

Complimentary services you’ll receive at Maria Bonita Salon & Spa with your FNO visit:

• Luxurious mini facials with Women’s Health Advocate and Natural skincare expert, Tata Harper. • Sleek updos. • Bohemian curls. • Mini-manicures and polish changes. • Aromatherapy sessions utilizing clinical grade essential oils. • Cocktails and Espresso shots. • Tea from H.wood Tea. • Gift Bags.

There will be a guest DJ spinning, so it’ll feel like you’re getting ready to go out with your GFs, and there will be VIP access to the FNO after party at Goldbar.

Hotties at Goldbar Photo By Kirillwashere.

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