In The Red: The New Hair Color Is Everywhere

Flipping through May’s newest glossies, I had a thought: Is red hair the new bang? I had just noticed Kate Moss in Vogue Paris looking punky in (temporary) red locks, and was flipping through Lara Stone’s editorial “Wild!!!!” in Vogue China, where the gap-toothed one is also sporting a new red ‘do. Days later, Blake Lively washed away her Cali blond in favor of rouge. Then the redhead floodgates really opened up. Have a look:

image Lara Stone as a new redhead in ‘W i l d ! ! ! ! !’ Photographed by Mikael Jansson for Vogue China May 2011.

image Kate Moss in ‘Haute Couture.’ Photographed by Mert & Marcus for Vogue Paris May 2011.

image The hair dye heard around the world: Blake Lively.

image Look! Drew Barrymore went back to red, too!

image As did Mandy Moore…

image Even Lily Cole went back to her trademark red after spending time as a brunette.

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