Global Street Beauties: Winter Faces

Street Style bloggers go nuts for layering and accessorizing, but total style calls for just the right amount of makeup, finished off with the perfect—or perfectly undone—coif. Darker lips accentuate wintry hues, hat-hair needs to be kept in check, and embracing new trends, like minimalism, calls for a complimentary hairstyle. Here are some winterized beauties who’ve adapted their looks to their climes, captured in recent street snaps around the world.

New York image Model Sara Blomqvist keeps warm under a fur topper, and pairs berry lips and porcelain skin with a natural color palette and flowing, healthy hair. Photo: Models of Duty

Milan image Her eccentric pieces—a fur cowboy hat and over-sized, cheeky necklace—are subdued by a clean, glowing face. Her vibrant skin is a sight for sore eyes in the dead of winter. Photo: The Sartorialist

Paris image The new minimalism in fashion calls for complimentary beauty looks: stricter hair with slick parts and defined lines. I love that her hair, parted straight down the middle, brings out her angular features. Photo: Phil Oh for Street Peeper Florence image This head-to-toe menswear look calls for elements of girlish beauty. Her ruby lips, Latin-inspired side bun, and wispy hair pulled down around her face balances the otherwise masculine look. Photo: The Sartorialist

Miami image Salty sea air mixed with humidity and bright, pastel prints pair nicely with her simple, slicked-back hair and sharp, retro glasses. Photo: Phil Oh for Street Peeper

London image Achieving this total “look” takes commitment: parochial lines are nearly Gothic when paired with her severe haircut and extremely defined brows and lips. Photo: Phil Oh for Street Peeper

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