G-Star Inspires Good Hair Days

Yesterday at the G-Star Raw fashion (rock) show at Hammerstein Ballroom, Lindsay Lohan and Taylor Momsen sat directly in my line of site, but even they couldn’t tear my eyes from the cool rockabilly hair styles the girls and boys on the catwalk were sporting. The look seemed to perfectly complete G-Star’s lesson in innovative denim craftsmanship. Hair, in general is mesmerizing to me. As a wash-and-go type of person, the prospect of doing anything more complicated than conditioning treatments or volumizing foam is the equivalent to discovering an unknown planet or making sense of molecular physics: it just doesn’t seem like something I could accomplish. But seeing these models act like characters from The Ousiders in creative denim, ladylike gloves and bright suit jackets, stomping down the runway to “Rebel, Rebel,” inspired me to do a bit of research.

G-Star Girls The easiest style a girl can do is the Victory Roll, which the video shows you how to do in under three minutes. You can start off with dry hair and coat it with a bit of mouse to hold, or you can go for the wet look, which Orlando Pita favors. For Michael Kor’s fall runway, Pita went for a deep side part, coated in gel- a miracle effect that looks both sleek and solves bad hair days. “Shiny hair is very graphic and sculptural,” Pita notes. The side part makes the hair have that tough rockabilly effect because “It looks more androgynous than if it were all slicked back.” If you are advanced in hair technique, then you can copy many of G-Star’s pincurl girls. Coat damp hair in a lightweight gel, like Bumble and Bumble Gel, and twist one inch sections around your fingers, securing them to your head with bobby pins, crossing them over the twist in a ‘x’ formation.

G-Star Guys Men who looked like Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis Presley made thair grand entrances from the glowing cylinders on stage at the G-Star show. Unfortunately for the guys, it’s usually the cut that makes the style; longer on the top and in the back, and shorter on the sides (thing Rhianna right now). The guys who lacked the cut were able to compromise, a curly man made his mop ultra-volumous, and pulled forward a slight Jerry-curl. Other men used pomade to slick, or ‘grease’ their hair to make it ultra shiny.

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