Father’s Day Gifts for the Retro Metro

imageThough he’s pushing 60, my dad is a loud and proud metrosexual. This is not a new thing for him. He fit the description long before the notion of male grooming became a trend. By his own description, he’s a Retro Metro, which means he’s not into all the crazy waxing nonsense — but the man knows his way around the product section at the drugstore, and he has the results to prove it.

He tends to his lemon-juice-assisted highlights with highlight-enhancing shampoo and conditioner. He uses serums and wrinkle treatments, and I’m pretty sure he had the Clarisonic skin brush before I did. So for Father’s Day this year, I’m going to give dad’s medicine cabinet a nice upgrade with the new ClarinsMen line. All of the products in the line contain “bison grass” (the manliest sounding ingredient I’ve heard in a while) which fights against fatigue, aging, and environmental aggressions, making it ideal for men’s skin.

Even if your dad isn’t as passionate about products as mine, you can encourage him to get on board with a few select items that aren’t at all girly. Since dad has to shave anyway, he may as well do it in style. The Santiago Leather Shave Set by Hommage is as manly as Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry, and just as classic. The set features a unique magnetic “hanging” brush and razor with special waterproof calfskin leather, both aesthetically astute and practical — exactly what dad’s should aspire to.

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