Dry Shampoo, Not Just for Lazy People Anymore

Go on, tell yourself dry shampoo is only for camping trips and long-haul flights. But let’s be real: it’s also is god’s gift to lazy people (some days, even standing under warm, sudsy water is too much to ask). In fact, considering its benefits, I’d say we’re not using dry shampoo enough. Aside from sucking up excess oil, it refreshes, brightens, and removes product build-up, and increases volume and texture.

You also save your hair from over-washing and stripping away natural oils, so it’s perfect for chemically treated and colored hair. Just lift sections of hair randomly and spray the roots. Fluff and brush, and you’re done. Here are three of our favorite dry shampoos, not just for the laziest of days.

Psssssst: The original dry shampoo from the ’70s, it’s supposedly a secret weapon for stylists everywhere for adding body and texture to hair. Just remember to use it sparingly on dark hair, as it’s a white powder that will only absorb once it’s worked through. There’s nothing natural about the formula, but it’s the most budget friendly of the bunch.

Bumble and Bumble: To avoid the white powder issue altogether, Bumble and Bumble has created a dry shampoo in five different colors: black, blonde, brown, red, and white. it contains oat flour and cornstarch. Remember to protect yourself and your clothes while applying.

Klorane Extra Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Extract: This is the most natural formula, and a personal favorite as it most closely approximates the feeling of clean hair. It’s weightless and has a subtle scent. It won’t leave buildup, which helps since the clean hair effect will only last about one day. So for those extra busy and lazy days, you can apply a few days in row.

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