Behind Mila Kunis’ 7K Ruby & Diamond Facial

More than most industries, the beauty biz relies on hype to create a life for products and services. A few days ago, news of a $7000 diamond-and-ruby facial that Mila Kunis supposedly paid for to prep for her Friends with Benefits premiers surfaced, and I brushed it off as the PR machine doing its job. But then I wondered to myself, what if she had actually gone in for the treatment? What would having one’s face blasted with precious gems entail, and who would indulge in a luxury akin to burning a pile of Benjamins to warm one’s hands? Here’s what I found.

Not only did Ms. Kunis receive the ruby treatment, but it wasn’t her first time—she got it before the Golden Globes in January.

The man behind the treatment is aesthetician-to-the-stars Scott-Vincent Borba. The official name is the HD Diamond and Ruby Peel, and it uses precious stones (um, rubies and diamonds) that work as antioxidants for the skin to create a “lustrous sheen,” Mr. Borba told the Daily Mail. After getting your face scrubbed with the crushed stones, he applies a lactic acid peel to stimulate cell turnover, followed by ultra-sonic hot and cold wands and a blast of LED red light.

Kunis was given an ice cube to suck on (presumably it’s included in the price) in order to counter the puffiness that attends the facial. According to an editor at Allure who underwent a 20-minute version of the facial, “the cold galvanic wand really did feel amazing. Even better, my complexion looked more even after the facial.” I mean, that’s the least you could ask for a 7k treatment. The same Allure story asked Jeannette Garf, a clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center, to weigh in. “Since the wands are heated and cooled to particular temperatures that won’t burn the skin, they can help with lymphatic drainage and circulation. Red LED light is good for collagen production. But there is no data or study that I have found that state precious gems are better than any other type of exfoliation.” Luxury hype at its best. Or worst.

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