Beauty Mark: Exhale Gansevoort

Gansevoort Park Avenue was conceived throughout as a self-contained world,” Michael Achenbaum, President of Gansevoort Hotel Group, told the press of the Park avenue addition. Indeed, the sort of things that bring you to Manhattan in the first place—shopping, dining, nightlife—come built into the property’s experience. Especially attractive is its full-service Exhale Spa.

In addition to Ristorante Asellina, a Cutler Salon, and the Lacoste boutique, Exhale spa offers an experience unique to the usual amenities of a hotel. It’s a full-service spa, certainly, but it’s one that offers rather unique treatments that inspire more of a “get off your ass” sentiment on top of the usual “sit back and relax” mandate.

Take for example their Fertility Program. Not exactly a passive spa experience—not exactly a passive anything. This take-charge item on a diverse menu includes consultations with an expert in the Berkley Method for Reproductive Wellness at $250, with subsequent sessions scheduled for $135 each. How appropriate, then, that your room is just steps away?

There’s also the highly acclaimed proprietary Core Fusion classes (which include Core Fusion, Core Fusion Sport, and Core Fusion Cardio), yoga classes in the mind-body studio (Music Yoga Flow and Core Fusion Yoga), a rejuvenating infrared detox chamber (“infared detox chamber” doesn’t exactly pair well with the word “rejuvanating” in my book—minus the times I’m willing to indulge my inner masochist), and a pool.

This is Exhale’s fifth location in New York City, and it offers a full menu of tried-and-true facials and body treatments as well as some hotel package deals.

Head to Toe Package If you’ve partied a bit too much at Asellina, or just need to hit the restart button on life, this package will knock you back into place. It starts with a heart pumping mind/body class, followed by a signature spa treatment, and ends with a poolside beverage. Total Package: Two reserved seats by the pool or sundeck Valet Parking for one night only Two pool-side cocktails or smoothies One Exhale Mind & Body Class Choice of 60 Minute Fusion massage or 60 Minute True Facial Price: $696* for booking with a Superior room, and $1,026 for Suites

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