Asian Beauty Secret BB Creams Contine to Rise in Stateside Popularity

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As the HBA Expo continues apace, it’s becoming clear that the real appeal of this beauty business juggernaut is getting to hear industry leaders analyze the hit products of last year, and place bets on what’s to come next. One big trend that’s not going away anytime soon is the multitasking product, in particular, blemish balms, or BB creams. Last year saw the rise the do-it-all creams, which were first created by a German dermatologist for post laser-surgery skin that needs intense soothing and protection to regenerate highly sensitive tissue.

Asian women were the first to adopt the cream for regular use, praising its many benefits; in addition to softening and soothing, BB creams work like a tinted moisturizer that conceals blemishes, discoloration, and pigmentation. Most formulas also contain an SPF and a skin lightening and anti wrinkle formula. Here are three products that one industry expert cited as the newest and most noteworthy.

Mac’s Prep and Prime BB Cream: This formula is lightweight and creamy. It comes in a 30ml tube, which is smaller then most BB creams, and only in one shade. It is, however, sheer and glowing, and can be used as a great primer, as it goes on smoothly and blends easily.

Boscia BB cream: This product has an SPF 27 and comes in a 50ml tube. Like most BB creams, this formula comes in one shade, but will absorb and fade into the skin. It’s free of parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances and dyes. This brand also provides a expiration on the tube, so you know when it needs to be tossed.

Dr. Jart: One of Asia’s leading skin care brands has introduced a BB cream with an SPF 45. This formula is light and will last a good six hours before a reapply is needed. The tone is a pinky beige. It absorbs easily and isn’t as pigmented as many other BB creams.