Annabelle Dexter Jones & Andre Saraiva’s Eyeglass Love

There comes a time in every young man’s life when he needs to settle down. He swims around the dating pool until he finally finds “The One,” and after taking her out to A-list parties at the young man’s club, introducing her to his friends Marc (Jacobs) and Tommy (Hilfiger), and painting the town red (literally, with the young man’s graffiti can), he takes the next step in the relationship and puts a custom-made pair of eyeglasses on her face. They live happily ever after. So reads the fairytale romance “Andre + Annabelle for Illesteva.”

Obviously, they should’ve tapped me to do the press release for these Valentine’s Day-themed glasses. The specs, featuring Saraiva’s signature artwork, and “Annabelle + Andre = Love” inscribed inside of the temples in Andre’s handwriting, will be released this February—only 80 glasses worldwide. They are handmade in France and retail for $270. Naturally, they will only be sold at the two places in the world that support such romantic narratives: Colette in Andre’s Pris, and Opening Ceremony in Anabelle’s native New York City.

image A symbol of their love and devotion.

image Andre’s “Mr. A” tag.

image Cute pair.

image The couple for Harper’s Bazaar.

Main Photo: Annabelle and Andre from Purple Diary.

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