Alexander Wang’s 5-Minute Spring Face

There’s more that goes into the ‘no makeup’ look than not wearing any. If you just didn’t wear makeup, this would be a lot easier. For one, I wouldn’t have to write this post. And you would save money. Or maybe spend more on skin treatments. But I’m just going to go with my gut and assume that if you’re reading this, you probably wear a little makeup. Or at least like Alexander Wang. And therefore you probably know how casual and cool his all-American girls looked with those bold brows and dewy faces for spring. Here’s how they got it, who does it, and where to get it.


The Makeup Artist: Diane Kendal, M.A.C Cosmetics Artist’s Aesthetic: American Nomad. “Strong brows and beautifully fresh, dewy skin.” Eyes: Clear Lipglass on eyelids to bring out the eye without adding pigment (and perhaps look like you’ve just woke up from a balmy tropical nap– with no makeup!). Brow Pencils in Fling and Lingering and feathering into brows a vertical angle to get the subtly spiky brows. Face: Conceal blemishes with Select Cover-Up only where it is actually needed. Blushcremes in Lilicent and Ladyblush mixed together and applied in a sheer layer on apples of the cheek (sheerness= almost no makeup!). Lip: Studio Finish Concealer to slightly mute the lip around the edges while letting the natural color to peek through in the middle of the pout. Lip Conditioner layered over to bring out the balminess and match the dewiness of the eye and cheek finish.

Other ‘No Makeup’ Champions:

Hanneli Mustaparta, fashion blogger and model, is the queen of the American Nomad face. She always lets her pretty skin take center stage, while defining her face with bold brows and a dewy finish on bare eyes and toned lips. image

The models sported the same bold brows and dewy skin for the RVCA Fall/Winter 2010 show. image

Speaking of RVCA, Erin Wasson is the poster child for the no makeup look. She goes bare with just a little cover-up which lets her balmy skin and naturally bold brows stand out. image

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