Actress and Model Jaime King Uses Her Lips to Make a Strong Impression

Jaime King is used to radical change. When she was a scant 14 years old, King was whisked from the cornfields of Nebraska to the apex of modelhood, driven by the pressure and temptation of the industry into an adolescent drug addiction—hers was the face of heroin chic—and then flamed out. Now in her early thirties, King has re-emerged as a leading actor. Her series Hart of Dixie is on the CW, and her directorial debut, a thriller called Polar Seasons, is due out soon. “I definitely feel like I’ve lived two lives,” says King. But in all her iterations, her lips—pursed, parted, perfect—have followed her. The key is to deploy your resources wisely. “By filling in the entire lip with lip liner, one adds depth and complexity of color.” Pairing two shades—one under, one over—gives options. Looks can be matte or glossy, monotone or diaphonous. But on King, they’re always just right.

Check out the gallery below for details on how to get Jaime’s looks, and stay tuned for our exclusive video of the shoot!

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