A Heavy Conditioner That Won’t Weigh You Down

imageOver the past decade, I have made numerous attempts to accept my naturally mousy dark blonde/light brown hair as is. I even tried daily affirmations, but no matter how many hours I spend staring in the mirror repeating my “mousy is marvelous” mantra, I’ve never managed find the inner beauty in my pigment-challenged locks. So, after some soul-searching, I always wind up right back where I started, sitting in the salon, getting my blonde highlights touched up. I rationalize that my happiness is worth the time, monetary expense, and dry, brittle ends that inevitably accompany my lighter locks.

The obvious solution is a good deep conditioner. Unfortunately, in addition to lackluster color, my hair is unbelievably fine and pin-straight, so most deep conditioners leave my hair weighed down and greasy looking.

Hmmm, dry, brittle ends, or super flat greasy tendrils? Neither is a very appealing option. Philip B. White Truffle Nourishing & Conditioning Crème offers the perfect solution. Used every time I wash my hair, it manages to detangle and moisturizes mangled ends, while rinsing really clean.

I guess I can have my truffles and eat them too — hair that’s healthy and blonde.

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