Who Are You Weirdos Going Out for Frozen Yogurt on First Dates?

Dating site How About We breaks down some of the statistics when it comes to dating, particularly the inaugural date: it seems as if millions of single people are meeting up to talk about themselves, learn about each other, and potentially make out—all centered around eating frozen yogurt! This is baffling to me, as I have probably eaten frozen yogurt perhaps three times in my life. (Um, scratch that; I just found one of those punch-cards from a frozen yogurt place in Brooklyn, and I can tell you for certain that I’ve had frozen yogurt four times in my life.) Anyway, frozen yogurt is a hot first-date date. 

According to How About We’s stats:

  • It’s suggested three times more often than the the second most popular dessert, pie.
  • Dates involving fro-yo account for 4% of all dates posted in the “Eat” category on HowAboutWe.
  • About 1 in every 5 foodie dates in Pittsburgh, Seattle & Denver involve the snack.
  • In NYC, it beats out every other food category, accounting for 12% of all food-based dates.

Is this why I was unlucky in love for so long? When I was online dating, the "first date" always turned out to be "the first couple of email exchanges," which was one step in making sure that the person whose self-curated web profile I found so attractive was actually not a total psychopath. The second date, then, was too many drinks and potential (probable) embarrassment. But hey, I am pretty much convinced I was doing it all wrong. This only proves it.

[via The Observer]

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