Sweatworking Is the New Power Lunch

Business deals aren’t going down during power lunches or cocktail hours anymore. That’s so pre-recession. Today, they’re often taking place at the gym. The New York Times uncovered this new multi-tasking trend, and called it sweatworking (That’s networking while sweating, by the way).

With business expense accounts not what they used to be, and prospective clients in food and wine atrophy, it’s the logical next step. What’s a favorite locale to workout amongst New York’s sweatworking set? Spinning classes. The lights and the pulsating music make it a weirdly social activity, like a nightclub crossed with, well, a spin clas. Places like SoulCycle and Flywheel Sports have seen an increase in corporate business over the last year.

Sarah Siciliano, who works as a business developer for an animation company, happened upon the sweatworking trend after realizing she could kill two birds with one stone if she could get clients to meet her at her spinning class. Ironically, she was missing her daily workout due to late nights out wining and dining clients. Siciliano saw the benefits immediately, according to the Times. Her clients responded positively and business started pouring in. This trend is taking hold because it is reawakening a bond between business associates that has vanished in the era of email and smartphones. So drop the glass, and head to the nearest stationary bike the next time you have an important meeting.

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