Get That Sweaty Mess Out of Your Face: 3 1/2 Chic Ways to Style Your Hair This Summer

After today, there’s no more denying that summer is here. Heat is tough enough; humidity is another thing entirely. The heat waves are here, y’all, and you need some ways to style your hair for summer, some tricks to keep in your back pocket to keep you feeling cool (and cute). Ladies, no one looks chic with hair matted to her forehead — these styles are the solutions.

Check out these three (and a half) hairstyles for inspiration, and click through for extensive instructions on how to get each look.


Pretty-Cool Braids, Any Way You Like ‘Em

Braid it back in a few different sections — however is flattering to your face. Change it up with a silk scarf for the 1/2 (sometimes a girl just needs a half).

Find everything you need (plus step by step instructions) here.



The Swoop

There’s nothing cooler, and nothing easier. Start with wet hair, swoop it, set it. Get more details and gather everything you need here.



Go Raver-Girl Day to Night

Three little buns that’ll take you from sidewalk walking to out dancing. Just section, twist, and add serum for shine. Get the full how-to here.



Sandra Rieder (Muse) and Chloe Wheatcroft (Muse) photographed by Jaesung Lee in NYC. Styled by Alyssa Shapiro. Hair by Jason Murillo. Makeup by Dana Rae.

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