Now That New York Fashion Week Is Over… The Detox Diaries, Part 1

Fashion week isn’t all the glitz and glamour Instagram would have you believe. After over a week of an exhausting schedule of shows, presentations, and (required) parties, followed by late nights of writing about it all, hoping my sentences were coherent, I realized that only one thing could follow NYFW. And for me, it was not LFW (though, kudos to all the editors across the pond for your stamina). It’s time to detox.

Step 1: SPIN

Detox unofficially began on Thursday night when I finally made it back to SoulCycle. I’d been resorting to awkward tweets about how much I missed spinning, and sweating it out was a wonderful $34 gift-to-self.

Step 2: YOGA (in cute clothes)

I’ve wanted to attend a Wanderlust yoga festival for years (fashion people and wellness are like PB Almond Butter + J) so when Wanderlust 108 in Prospect Park was announced a few months ago, I jumped at the chance to go.

It wasn’t the sunny-yoga-in-the-park I’d hoped for, but my friend and I did our best–even if our best was sitting on Manduka yoga mats (the best in the ‘biz) and eating protein bars. In the spirit of Fashion Week, I intentionally picked chic workout clothes (and we’re not talking Lululemon). Detoxing means a lot of sweating it out–(or at least, it will). And for this occasion, I picked a very chic (IMHO) get-up of mesh-accented Alala gear.

I’m detoxing, I can do what I want.

photo 2


The next step of a detox, naturally, is to cleanse. So that’s what I did today. I liked to imagine the toxins leaving my body as little cartoon bubbles saying things like “this one is made from the rarest Japanese silk” and “this one will retail for $3000,” making room for filling my body instead with chia seeds and kale.

Sure, fashion people tend towards the healthy side, but during FW one’s food choices are determined by two simple factors: time, and proximity. For me this meant large amounts of yummy Sugarfina champagne gummy bears, some very ill-advised Seamless orders, and (thankfully) as much Smartwater from the tents as I could stuff in my bag. My meals were irregular at best and nonexistent at worst. My nutritionist said things like: “We’ll work on this when you return to a normal schedule.”

I’ve never been the girl to hit 7 p.m. and flippantly say, “I forgot to eat today!” and as such my grab-and-go picks are often craving-prompted. So, for me, wanting to cleanse did not mean wanting to starve. I turned to a recent discovery, LuliTonix by Lianna Sugarman who creates the best blends, not juices, and cleanses in this already green juice heavy town.


I’ve done one other straight juice cleanse from a popular juice chain which shall go unnamed. I finished by juice #5 and wound up eating a three-course dinner. I’m happy to say today was not like that! It’s now 9 p.m. as I write  and I have only had liquids today! Unlike the green juices denounced by many nutritionists, LuliTonix is blended and not cold-pressed, allowing for satiating fibers to stay in tact. The email prepping me for the arrival of the cleanse read: “This is NOT a cleanse during which you will feel lethargic…Our blends are designed with amazing ingredients that work synergistically to rebuild and nourish as they cleans. You will have plenty of energy, and will be supplied with everything your body needs to be the badass you are. So sure–CrossFit, Barry’s Bootcamp, Back-to Back Soul Survivor rides. Knock yourself out! Or just rest. That’s good too.”

This is just day one! More to come on detoxing–cleansing your body, (tired feet, muscles, and more), your mind after having no time to think about much besides trend forecasts, and more.


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