Hey Beauty Junkies! You Wanna Know Smith & Cult Nail Polish

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Smith & Cult founder Dineh Mohajer was behind your ’90s enamel dreams; she created Hard Candy in 1995, by accident, when she and her sister sought to custom-mix a baby blue shade to match her newest shoes. Suddenly, requests were flowing in and Hard Candy became an overnight sensation. The brand turned out to be only the beginning of Mohajer’s ability to parlay her beauty junkie personality into major entrepreneurial success.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 1.52.12 PM
Throwback to the Must-Have Nail Polish of Our Youth. Image via SuperflySparkle on flickr

Now she’s back with Smith & Cult which boasts bottles that just might be even cooler (and are definitely swankier) than those ’90s bottles adorned with plastic rings. The line features 30 colors which would comprise a comprehensive nail polish wardrobe, of sorts, if you were to buy them all. They range from nudes and neutrals to blues, purples and grays, pinks, reds, and corals, to glittery party shades (plus a base and top coat). Each shade has an extensive backstory, penned by Dineh, detailing the inspiration behind each hue.

I’m notoriously terrible at painting my nails but would gladly take the full collection, because the combination of the colors Mohajer has formulated, and the sleek design makes for pure beauty junkie art. They’ve just launched this month and are available on Net-a-Porter, at C.O. Bigelow, and a handful of high-end nail salons (if like me you lack painting skills.)