Shu Uemura X Yaz Bukey Is the Year’s Most Whimsical Makeup Collaboration

Shu Uemura’s last collaboration with Choupette Lagerfeld (the most famous kitty in the world) was a hit, but lest you think that going back to mere human inspiration might be a downgrade in fun, you’d be wrong! The Japanese cosmetic brand’s latest collab, which launched today is with the fabulous, eclectic Parisian designer Yaz Bukey, an Ottoman Princess whose family reigned in Egypt (seriously) and now creates whimsical Trompe-l’œil accessories out of plexiglas. Her motifs are often fingers, lips, and big bold eyes, and her her aesthetic matches–bright colors and clean lines. An extensive (29 piece) collaboration, Yaz created four colorways–and personalities to match–along with a wild story about these 4 women who all compete for the heart of Mr. Shu Shu. There’s sexy Yaz, Smart Lola, Romantic Betty, and Daring Tina–all played by Yaz herself in the cheeky video below. Pick your poison and make up your face accordingly.

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