Pretty Sure I Just Got Tricked Into Having a Google+ Account

No, this cannot be happening. I won’t let it. How? Because I logged into to see something on YouTube that was flagged as inappropriate for users under 18 years old? All I wanted to see was a clip of Peter Capaldi swearing masterfully in The Thick of It. Is that all it takes? Okay, then I give up. Officially. I hereby bequeath my blog to the Heritage Foundation.

Goddammit, you guys. I already had and got rid of Google+, that’s my level of repulsion. Now Gmail has some kind of “Circles” menu on the left bar, and I definitely remember Circles from when Google+ was first rammed down our throats. And in the top right there’s a button next to my avatar that says “+ Share.” I guess I’m meant to plus-share my Circles; or maybe I’m supposed to Circle my plus-shares?

I’m sure Google+’s designers—and whoever duped me into re-registering for the service—are frustrated by my obstinate refusal to understand these features. After all, they worked almost as hard on them as they do on those Google doodles for Dr. Seuss’ hundred-and-whatevereth birthday. Maybe I should just lie back and think of Mountain View, California, where the future is born daily. Either that or figure out how to sync this thing with Twitter.

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