Prabal Gurung is All About a Classic Red Lip

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Prabal Gurung is lounging in a corner booth at The Top of The Standard, flanked by a small table where his brand new collection for MAC sits, open and ready to be played with. It is now T-3 days til we can all officially get the red lips that have been a source of inspiration to Gurung since he was a little boy admiring his mother in his native Nepal. It’s known that Gurung is an ardent admirer of the red lip. This is confirmed, beyond doubt, when I ask Gurung about the ultimate must-have from the collection. Before the question is fully asked, Gurung remarks “the red lip,” with absolute certainty.

prabal sara

As someone who can barely leave the house with a red lip intact, I wondered why Gurung was so taken with the classic hue.

“There’s such a strong statement–the confidence–that comes with the red lip–it is, when it’s done right, it’s the most fascinating, sensual alluring thing I have ever seen,” he says, with no hesitation. As for what makes his take on his favorite color lippy special, he notes its “texture and tonality.”

Of course, for his first foray in to makeup, the packaging speaks as loudly as the product.

“If you look at the packaging, there’s substance, weight, quality to it–we spent almost two years developing it,” Gurung says. “I wanted it to be something that had merit on it’s own–without the product, and with it. The clothes that I make, I’d like to believe that the product I make, for ready-to-wear has a merit on it’s own, and with the woman who it wearing it.” Gurung is a believer in fashion as an enhancer. He defines beauty as a “celebration of one’s self,” and “Not just the beauty that is obvious to the world, but also the substantive qualities that make a difference to other people’s lives as well.”

mac prabal

For the days when our outside isn’t feeling quite as lovely as our inside, we’ll take Gurung’s word for it and try a sensual and confident red lip.