We Tried It: Haven Spa’s Peach Smoothie, Er… Vajacial

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Here’s the question–or one of them–can a spa treatment designed to pamper a small triangular patch of skin (that’s the area above your vagina, I’m talking about), be, in any, way, shape, or form, non-anxiety producing, and even relaxing?

Oddly, yes. We live in a world in which, though I imagine it will seem strange to time-capsule openers in years to come, many women are hardly strangers to baring all on a spa table, exposing themselves to a technician, and subjecting themselves to hot wax, etc…and that, as you probably know, is sure as f*ck not relaxing.

The worst part, of course, is that, if beauty is pain, then what is a hairless bikini+ covered in ingrown hairs and their accompanying irritated red bumps? Not beautiful, and definitely not comfortable. Yuck.

So, enter the ever-so-demurely-named Peach Smoothie–that is code for “Vajacial” at Soho’s Haven Spa. To be honest, it’s not brand new. In 2010, Alex Kuczynski reported on her experience for Bazaar, an essay that clearly stood the test of time, seeing as we kept wondering (four years later!) just what this outlandish spa luxury entailed.

Curiosity prevailed. An undisclosed number of BlackBook writers decided to give our faces a break and head to Haven for the infamous peach smoothie.

haven spa lobby
Haven Spa

The treatment is like a facial in that it consists of products and peels, and even a dimly lit, calm room. It is quite quick (roughly 30 minutes) and relatively painless. It begins with a green tea peel, which tingles — pro tip, don’t shave that day, or it will burn, not tingle —  and is followed by the lancet-assisted removal of ingrowns (this feels like a pinch or like extractions in a facial). Lastly, a cooling mask is applied. The vajacial is recommended about a week after a wax, and at least three days post-shave, if that’s your jam.

My aesthetician, Marta tells me to give it a week for redness to go down and for perfect vajay skin to appear. Regular exfoliation post-vajacial is recommended, like Whish serum which Marta says is a great choice. We love it on title alone–it’s called “flawless.”

Of course, such specified pampering is not something everyone would prioritize, but the more you wax, the more you probably want it. As the aesthetician at my next wax said, “some people have more company, ya know?” Ladies, you know who you are.